Water Management Systems

SensaflushWater management system designed to give over 80% cost savings.

The Sensaflush system uses a passive infra-red detector that monitors usage to the urinal bowls or trough on detecting movement a solenoid valve is opened. 

The cistern is fast filled allowing the urinals to flush in the normal way. After flushing the Sensaflush unit reactivates¬†monitoring of the “sensing zone”.

During extended periods of no use, Sensaflush will provide one sanitising flush Per 12 hour period.

Auto Sanitisers

auto sanitiser chromeThe auto sanitiser is a cistern sanitising system that deodorises and destroys bacteria in urinals and toilets, helping to keep your washroom clean, hygienic and smelling fresh.

The auto sanitizer automatically injects a measured dose of fluid into the cistern, which is proven to be effective against E.Coli and E.Faecalis.

This sanitising fluid restricts the build up of scale in the pipe work limiting the growth of bacteria, the main cause of underlying malodour. Controlling the scale growth also saves you money by reducing the required frequency of deep cleaning.