Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers can offer the simplest and most hygienic method of hand cleansing for your customers, visitors or staff. We offer regular service intervals depending on the volume of use.

Service frequencies are available to your requirements.

modesty bag chrome

Lady Safe Modesty Bag Dispenser

LADYSAFE is a discreet modesty bag dispenser for feminine hygiene personal waste. Designed for installation alongside Cristals feminine hygiene units, the LADYSAFE makes a caring statement to the end user whilst aiding service and promoting hygiene.

Toilet Seat Sanitiser

90% of women and 84% of men admit they don’t sit on a toilet seat.
The toilet seat Sanitizer has been designed to clean, sanitise and protect you from the germs on the toilet seat.
Installing the toilet seat sanitiser spray system will give the individual the opportunity to clean and sanitise the toilet seat before use.