sanitary bin black chrome .We provide a service for safe sanitary and nappy disposal, solving the problem of what to do with waste and ensuring that our customers don’t contravene health and safety regulations.


Sanitary Waste Disposal

We offer a variety of sanitary units to suit your washroom requirements.

The different types of sanitary bin available will suit most cubicles and are serviced to your needs.

The “Liner exchange system “provided is a discreet service that is carried out within the washroom cubicle itself. The bag containing the waste is removed from the bin and the bin is then hygienically cleaned with anti bacterial cleaning agents. A new bag is then inserted containing a sachet of dry germicidal powder that kills bacteria and inactivates harmful viruses.
As well as the service being hygienic it is also important to note that by attending to each unit within the cubicle itself, it is therefore not necessary to have sanitary disposal bins being moved throughout reception or any other area of a customers premises.

We also offer a sanitary bin exchange system where the bin is replaced every service visit ask for details .

For every sanitary bin we will:

Agree a service frequency to meet your needs, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly
Install, usually in 1-10 working days, a sanitary bin or any other washroom equipment required
Supply you with a waste transfer note for each service visit

Serviced to suit your needs – including disposal of contents.

Pedal Operated Nappy Units & Medical Bins

Its large central revolving modesty flap ensures that the waste inside is never visible
It is suitable for both nappy and incontinence pads
As with the sanitary units, every unit uses a germicide to inhibit both bacteria and odours
Service frequencies are available